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Meditations and Overtones
Margaret Mills, Piano
Solo CD from Cambria Master Recordings
Works by Joel Feigin, Ruth Schonthal,
Amy Beach and Gloria Coates

Margaret Mills Plays Piano: Works by Lowell Liebermann and Ruth Schonthal

"Mills is a pianist of impressive technique and strong emotive powers, and the music demands and receives the best she can give."
   ~ Joseph McLellan, The Washington Post

Pieces Pittoresques:
Piano Works by Chabrier and Debussy

"Pianist Margaret Mills, who has been acclaimed for her interpretations of French music...performs the Chabrier works and the Debussy...with great clarity and depth of understanding. She achieves a beautiful sound and wide range of colors."
   ~ Nanette Kaplan Soloman, Journal of the IAWM

"Margaret Mills' interpretation is aided by an excellent piano (Steinway 1896) from which she is able to draw multi-faceted, shimmering sounds."
   ~ Villemin, American Record Guide

Contemporary American Piano Works by Elizabeth Lauer, Richard Wilson, Miriam Gideon and Anthony Newman

"Mills' playing is precise and sensitive. I expect to hear more from her...A recommended offering."
   ~ Stephen Ellis, Fanfare

Newman New Music: Chamber Works by Anthony Newman

"... I find the combination of the obviously important Newman Quintet and the insightful playing of Ms. Mills to be a major milestone in our musical compendium...may be considered its definitive performance for some years to come..." ~ Joel Hupper, The Greenwich (CT) News

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